We provide professional essay writing service in over 75+fields. Accordingly, we have writers in various fields from sciences, literature, finance, to subjects in art and philosophy. Our writers are also experienced in the most common academic writing styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, and Oxford. If you are in doubt, you can always confirm from our support on whether we have an expert in your field.

How to Get the Best Service

All our customers want to get the best service from us. However, there are instances when it may be difficult for a writer to deliver what the client wanted because of reasons beyond his control. You can avoid this situation by ensuring you do the following:

  1. Provide Accurate and Concise Instructions.

Providing your writer with all files needed for a task and ensuring the instructions are accurate and concise will enable him/her to complete the task as required. Do not assume the writer will understand all instructions. Always remember that he was not in your class, and he might have missed important facts or issues your professor mentioned. Also, in case your professor provides additional instructions or files, always forward these documents to your writer. A brief but clear description of what is needed can guide the writer on what is specifically needed in the task.

  1. Communication

Always communicate with your writer to ensure that he has understood the task. You can ask questions and suggestions on various parts of your task to confirm that he/she has indeed read all your instructions. You can also demand an outline of your task to see if the writer has an idea of what is needed in the final paper.

  1. Follow-Up

Always follow-up on the progress of your task, especially if you have a long order. For orders that are 10+ pages, it is wise to request a draft copy of your task so that you can see if the writer is on the right path. You can also provide suggestions so that the writer can include your ideas in the final paper. </p>

Characteristics of a Quality Essay

  1. Original and Relevant Content: All our essays are written from scratch. Accordingly, they are plagiarism-free. Also, our experts use accurate and relevant content in their tasks, and this makes our clients get the highest grades in their assignments. Therefore, you can be confident of the quality of papers when seeking our essay writing service.
  2. Thorough Research: Our writers dedicate a lot of effort into their tasks. As such, they undertake thorough research. All our papers are properly referenced and cited.
  3. Proper Presentation: Our experts understand all the writing formats used in academic papers. Accordingly, they always arrange and cite sources as per the required writing style. Therefore, our papers will always conform to the requirements of your school.
  4. Logical Flow: Our writers are experienced and understand the importance of systematically writing their papers in an easy-to-follow manner. They do not jump from one idea to another and from one point to the next. For consistency, all our papers have an introduction, which has a thesis statement, a body section that contains paragraphs with topic sentences and elaborate discussion of the issues mentioned in the topic sentence, a concluding paragraph, and the reference section.

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