Get an A in your final grade requires a student to undertake thorough research in his/her assignments and term paper. Therefore, it is paramount for a student to put significant effort into his/her term papers because this task is often long and demanding. At a minimum, the student should be able to research relevant content, understand complex taught in the semester, relate this information in his/her paper, use the recommended writing style, logically organize his/her work, and make appropriate citations and references.

What is a Term Paper

Before elaborating on how to write a term paper, it is important to know its definition. Simply put, a term paper is a research paper that is submitted at the end of the semester/ term. It is often used to evaluate whether a student has understood all concepts taught in class. As such, significant research and understanding of the course is needed to enable the student to comprehensively write his/her term paper.

Term Paper Topics:

Often, professors provide topics related to the course, and the student only has to select his/her preferred topic. In some cases, however, the student is required to choose the topic. In such a scenario, the student should ensure that he selects a topic relevant to the subject after reviewing various appropriate topics online. If you find an interesting topic online that was part of what you learned in class, it is appropriate to consider it for your research paper since it is often easy and fun to work on what one enjoys

You should consider the following when choosing a topic for your term paper:

Research material/ Resources: You do not want to choose a topic that you are unable to find appropriate research material. Therefore, you should ensure there is enough research material that you will need when writing a comprehensive research paper.

Time: Always consider the time needed to complete your research paper. If your paper is 10 pages long, you will need to allocate more time than for a 5-page task. Also, a more complex topic will require more time than one that is less demanding.

Relevance: It is vital to ensure that your research topic is relevant to your course. This issue often occurs when a student is creating his/her topic. For example, if you are studying management, do not choose a topic on hospitality.

How to Write a Great Term Paper.

You should consider the following when choosing a topic:

  1. Create a relevant topic by making online research or from your school library on appropriate topics in your course/subject. If you are selecting from a list provided by the professor, select one that you enjoy and have a great understanding of its contents.
  2. Create an outline of how you will write your paper. The term paper should have an introduction section, body, conclusion, and references. Identify the subtopics that you will discuss in the body and organize your work to ensure it has a logical flow.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate writing style that you will use in your paper (Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE).
  4. You start the writing process.
  5. Proofread your work once you complete the term paper to ensure you have thoroughly followed your professor’s instructions.


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